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Twitter Autopilot 2010 with crack
Twitter Autopilot 2010 with crack

Twitter Autopilot 2010 with crack

In this guide, you are going to learn how to Create an Autopilot Twitter Monetizer System and make a regular Income from Google Adsense™, Clickbank™, Amazon™, Ebay®, CPA Networks and other Affiliate programs. You can also use it to build a Fully Automated List Building System. You have to spend around 15 to 25 minutes to create an Autopilot Twitter Monetizer.

The whole system will work fully Autopilot – work itself regularly and you don't have to do anything to run it. This is Literally a Set it once and Forget it system. This guide is arranged in a straight-forward manner with full details and screen-shots. When you read the Tutorial, open your Firefox Browser at the same time and follow each step given in the Tutorial.

Minimum System Requirements: A website hosted in a Linux or Unix Webhost.

Experience Required: No programming knowledge is necessary. You should have basic knowledge about Twitter, Gmail, Adsense etc. and familiar with uploading files to your own website.

You need only 4 things to create an Autopilot Twitter Monetizer System

1) Our Step by Step Guide (A 44 pages PDF document)
2) A Firefox Browser connected to the Internet
3) PHP Script provided with this Guide
4) 15 to 25 minutes of your time

Once you create one Twitter Monetizer System, you can start duplicating the whole steps for different niches. This way, you can build a network of Fully Automated Twitter Monitizers. Just Rinse and repeat the whole steps to make more money. The whole systems are managed by the PHP Script provided with this Guide and some other Free Tools available on the Internet.

How this system works

There are 2 Main Components in a Twitter Monetizer system:

1) A Self-updating Twitter Account
2) A Self-updating Website

In a Self-updating Twitter account, tweets will be posted automatically in regular basis with links back to your self-updating website. Every post in your Twitter account will be pointed to the PHP website. So the traffic from all tweet will be directly sent to your landing page. We will provide the PHP Script with step by step Guide to install and setup. Note that the website is a fully Template driven system, so you can easily modify the site at any time by modifying a single template file and hundreds of pages will be updated automatically. For example; if you find a new Affiliate Offer suitable for the selected niche, you can easily copy and paste the Affiliate Banner/Link code into the template file and all pages will be updated accordingly.

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